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Welcome to the Washington Elementary School Website! We hope that you find this site useful and helpful to you and your child while you are apart of the Winslow Unified School District.
Below is a link where you can log into your student's Powerschool Information Page. You can check grades and track your student's progress throughout the school year. It is a very important tool in your child's educational success. To log into Powerschool, you will need your student's username (ID number) and their date of birth (MMDDYYYY). You may also download the Powerschool App to your mobile device. 
Below is a link to the Powerschool Mobile Site. 

Open Enrollment Guidelines

Winslow USD#1 schools accept open enrollment students (students living outside the district) provided these is capacity and an open enrollment application has been completed. For the best possibility of your child's acceptance as an open enrollment student the application must be submitted to the district by the May 15th deadline. Late applications will not be processed until the start of school and only then if further enrollment capacity remains. Please contact your child's potential school if you have any questions.

Links to the application and policies are at the bottom of this page.



              The Winslow Unified School District No. 1 (the “District”) has recently adopted changes to the District’s open enrollment policy and procedures that impact students with disabilities.  The District will now consider whether it has the resources or excess capacity to provide the disability related services needed by an individual student based on the District’s availability of speech therapists, occupational therapists, or other specialists who provide services to special education students.  These changes now incorporate separate capacity determinations for the general inclusion classrooms, the special needs classrooms, and special needs programs.  Should an open enrollment applicant be identified as requiring special services, the District will now match those individual needs to the capacity determinations outlined above to determine if the District has the capacity to accept that particular applicant.  In the past the District determined capacity for special needs students by setting a percentage of each grade level as the maximum capacity available to special needs open enrollment students. 

             In light of this change, the District would like to invite all qualified students to apply for open enrollment with the District for the 2011-2012 school year and each subsequent school year.  Please be advised that any new open enrollment applications will still be subject to the District’s newly adopted capacity limitations, and that there can be no guarantee that any open enrollment applicant will be accepted.

             The District looks forward to receiving any open enrollment applications and working with those applicants during the application process.  Application materials are available in the District Offices, and can be sent to potential applicants via fax, email, or letter by contacting the school superintendent by telephone at 928-288-8101.


AIA Physical form and Athletic Physical Packet printable below




The following items must be completed before athlete can try out or practice:

PHYSICAL FORM - All forms must be completely filled out with parent / guardian and student signatures, along with physicians examination. 

WAIVER OF LIABILITY  - Form must be signed and dated by parent / guardian.

PARENT CODE OF CONDUCT - Form must be signed and dated by parents / guardians.

BULLDOG PROMISE - Form must be signed and dated by parent / guardian and student.

HAZING STUDENT ACKNOWLEDGEMENT - Form must be signed by student.

AIA CONCUSSION FORM (along with CDC Concussion Fact Sheet)- Form must be signed and dated by parent / guardian and student. 

PARENTAL CONSENT INSURANCE AND EMERGENCY FORM (Yellow Card) - Form needs to be completely filled out with parent / guardian signatures and emergency contact information.  *If at any time your contact phone numbers changed, it is your responsibility to let us know as soon as possible so we can have accurate records on file at all times.


Each individual sport has a set of rules and expectations that all student athletes are required to follow.


Threats, Intimidation, Bullying and Harassment of any nature, including but not limited to, email, internet, text messaging, and all other forms of cyber bullying will not be tolerated.

WUSD#1 has a ZERO TOLERANCE POLICY towards hazing. Any incidents of hazing will be dealt with severely, with participants being immediately removed from the team and further disciplinary actions possibly being taken.

An activity fee of $25.00 per sport must be paid before the 1st game of said sport.  The fee is to be paid in the main office by cash, check or money order.  The fee is non-refundable for all situations such as removal for disciplinary reasons, eligibility issues or should student athlete quit the activity.  These fees can be used as a tax credit donation.  Please save your receipt(s) for your taxes.

Students will be issued team uniforms and/or equipment.  Uniforms and equipment must be returned at the end of each season.  Student will not be allowed to begin next sport of choice until uniform and/or equipment from previous sport has been returned.  Fees will be imposed on all uniforms and/or equipment not returned.  A fee list is posted in the office.  All fees not paid will follow the student athlete to Winslow High School.


Eligibility is run each Monday:

Grade C (Semester grade) = Pending from week to week until grade brought up

Grade D or F (Semester grade) = 1st week is pending

Grade D or F (Semester grade) = After pending status, student athlete is ineligible until brought up to C or better

Any student who is academically ineligible three times in any sports season will be immediately dismissed from the team.  Students have the opportunity to bring their grade up and complete a Change of Grade form by noon, the day prior to game day.  Change of grade is the responsibility of the student.


Winslow Junior High School Athletics Department