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Robotics comes to Washington Elementary

Meet the Edison Robots taking over Washington!
Edison robots are small, programmable robots that are specifically made to use in the classroom. They are easy to program using three different programming languages that get progressively more complex. It starts with icon-based drag-and-drop coding, moves on to block-based coding, and finally text-based coding. The options are endless with Edison robots!
6th grade students in Mrs. Mills' Rotations and 5th and 6th grade students in the PowerHour rotation have been learning to program the Edison robots to complete mazes that get progressively more challenging. They must determine the how long Edison needs to move in a certain direction as well as how much of a turn they need to make to change direction. They are learning many skills including problem-solving and using trial-and-error.
We hope to be able to start working the expansion packs to complete more engineering building projects. 
Please check out the videos in the sidebar to see how engaged the students are and the skills that they are learning!