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Week 7 Assignments

Bellwork: Daily
Daily Language Review: Daily
Reading:  "Declaration of the Rights of the Child" Comprehension Check; Analyze Text; Test
Math:  nit Rate Independent Practice; Ratios Independent Practice; Unit Rates DFA; Ratios DFA; Second GCF & LCM Check; Friday 5
Social Studies:   Hammurabi's Code-"Now That You Know" ; Ancient Mesopotamia Quiz
Please check PowerSchool to help remind your students on completing missing assignments. 

Week 6 Assignments

Bellwork:  Daily
Reading: Calvin & Hobbes Comprehension Check
Writing:  Performance Task- Students are writing narratives and will apply the writing process. 
Math:  Fractions-1) Dividing Fractions Independent Practice, 2) Friday 5,
              3) Fractions DFA, 4) Decimals Review Quiz
Social Studies: Mesopotamia-Standard of Ur
If you have any questions or concerns call:
(928) 288-8630
(928) 421-3665 (Google Voice #)

Monday, August 24 Assignments

Reading:  Assignments for Brown Girl Dreaming . When you log on and get to the student edition, go to main menu and select "Making Meaning" , select "Close Read the Text" . We did two examples together. Do the assignments for "gifted" and "sometimes". 
Math: We review notes on multiples, factors, and divisibility rules in Google Classroom. No assignment today.
Language: Week 4 Monday Daily Language Review. Submit when done.
Science: Watched Brainpop video on "Changes in Matter" and did Brainpop quiz in Google Classroom. Submit when done.
As a reminder, students need to be accountable by leaving cameras and mics on. Thank you!

Tuesday, August 18 Assignments

1. Reading:  
Parent letter: open link below
*Unit 1 Introduction:Discussion Board Activity (Google Classroom)
*Read 30 minutes from a book or EPIC
2. Math: *Decimal Review (Google Classroom)
3. Writing: 2 paragraphs on today's quote (Google Classroom)
4. Science: Review Bill Nye Atoms video and do Atoms worksheet (Google Classroom)

Wednesday, August 12

Today's Assignments:
Study Island-
1. Week 2 Writing Review 5e Transitions
2. Week 2 Writing Review 5n Citations
3. Week 2 Writing Review 5g Task, Purpose & Audience
Writing in Google Classroom:
Today's quote:

"If your heart is broken, make art with the pieces"

What do you think it means to "make art" with the broken pieces of your heart/ Think of an example where yourself or someone you know has made something good out of a bad situation.

*Some students still need to complete the "Back to School Survey" in Google Classroom.

*Some parents still need to complete the "Student Information File" in Google Classroom.

Thank you!

Week 2, Day 2 -Tuesday, 8/11 Assignments

Reading: Study Island
-Week 2 Reading Review 3a Main Idea/Details
-Week 2 Reading Review 3g Reasons/Evidence
-Week 2 Reading Review 3b Summarize
Writing: Google Classroom
Read and reflect on today's quote: " Life doesn’t get easier or more forgiving--we get STRONGER and RESILIENT"
Write 3 paragraphs to answer these questions: How often do you give up doing something because it is difficult at first/ What would your life be like if you always did that?

Monday, August 10

Hello Parents!
I'll be posting the students' assignments daily so you will know which work needs to be completed that day. Here are today's assignments:
Study Island: Math Review
"Week 2 Math Review 3d Rounding Decimals"
"Week 2 Math Review 3g Add. & Subt. Decimals"
"Week 2 Math Review 3h Mult. & Div. Decimals"
Writing: A daily quote is posted on the classroom page in Schoology. At times the students will be writing a response to it. Today's quote is: "It's okay to not know, but it's not okay to not try". The students will write a three paragraph description of an example of something they once found challenging but now feel they can handle better.
Please contact me if you have any questions!

Google meet code

Just a reminder that the code for Google Meet has changed to something easier. I'm unable to post it here so give me a call if you've forgotten: 288-8630

1:00 p.m. Google Meet

Hello Parents,
It's been a crazy morning-as to be expected! I'm planning for the students to have another Google Meet time at 1:00 p.m. If your child wasn't able to log in,no problem, here's another opportunity.  To get the link, log on to WUSD website, Resources tab, drop down to students-a menu with appear. Go to schoology login. The username is their student, password is their birthday. Go to:
1. Courses
2. click "Elementary Homeroom.."
3. click "Important Links"
4. click "Google Meet Link"
It should open automatically to the meeting. If not Click on the Google meet link for the code. 
See you at 1:00!

First Day of School -updated notice

Hello Parents/Guardians and Students!
For those of you that might've checked my website earlier, I realized I had private class code for my students that I shouldn't have posted on here. So I apologize for any confusion. Here is the appropriate procedure for students on the first day of school.
At 7:50 a.m., Students will log on to Schoology (If your child registered on Friday you received a login number. If not, call the office for one: 288-8100). 
  • Click on the "Elementary Homeroom: Section 1" page.
  • Click on "Important Links"
  • Click "First Day 080320"
  • Click the Google Classroom icon and it will open up to the homepage
  • Click the "Meet link" underneath the class code for our Google Meet
Their login for Google Classroom is the same as last year's-student Schoology will include the daily agenda and contact information. Google Meet is on a time limit but I will be available all day if there are any questions or concerns. I look forward to meeting with everyone tomorrow! Just call me if there are any problems logging on to Google Meet.
Parents, you'll need to fill out forms in Google Classroom as well. Once I have all of them entered , I'll let you know which ones I'll need you to fill out.Thank you and I appreciate your patience and understanding in this unique school year! 
Phone: 288-8630